Bandcamp updates

I uploaded some additional past releases to Bandcamp last night. The Steve Reich-inspired longform piece, Chronic Pentatonic (2014, Eg0cide), has been added alongside the Luciftias half of the Lucekkt split (2009, Flugelrad) with Thee|22|SekkT. All three releases in the Dronosphere series can now be downloaded directly from Bandcamp instead of pointing to other sites. I will always support netlabels, but I also wanted to make it easier for listeners using the Bandcamp app to centralize their music collections if that is their preference. Check out Luciftias on Bandcamp for these and other ambient/drone releases.




We are under construction!

I am in the midst of moving my old, hand-coded website from its home of 10+ years to this shiny new one here on Please be aware that things are currently under heavy construction! My hope is to get away from the stagnant basic information and discography type setup I’ve had for years and add more dynamic content, such as videos, recording updates, and more. I will continue to utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Diaspora for interaction, but I want this site to become more of a hub for fans of Luciftias to get the info they need. Be sure to check back as new content will be added continuously!