The night had gold in its teeth…

“The Night Had Gold In Its Teeth” just released by Treetrunk Records!

Available on and Bandcamp:

Luciftias_TNHGIITThe idea behind this piece was to apply a Frippertronics/drone approach using a bass guitar instead of my usual 6-string. I wanted to incorporate tapped harmonics into this as well. The original recording was roughly 14 minutes long, but I did some minor stretching and additional editing to create the final track.


New release!


Astralnautics For Beginners is now available as a free stream or download!

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, it is indeed “free” in the sense of cost as well as the ability to listen, distribute, and remix to your heart’s content.

From Treetrunk Records:

OR…get it in FLAC format from Akhkharu Hymns:

Astralnautical update

After the Shrouded Allusion collaboration, Thomas Park (Mystified, Mister Vapor) asked me to rework his 6-hour ambient album, Beyond the Velvet Sky. I obliged, and a very extensive minimalist piece is the result. Though I may attempt some further modifications, I will soon be unleashing Astralnautics For Beginners for your “sleep listening” enjoyment(?) At nearly 9 hours long, I doubt anyone will be checking it out in one sitting, and in truth, it’s not really meant for active listening anyway.


Shrouded Allusion

Just released – Shrouded Allusion!


This piece was made at the request of Thomas Park (Mystified, Mister Vapor) and was constructed using sounds from his Sounds for Urban Discourse album (

Cover painting by Thomas Park, used under CC BY (

A field trip to Neptune..

I’m pleased to announce that “Field Trip to Neptune” is now available from Buddhist on Fire! This is the first longform ambient drone piece I’ve done in a couple years after having focused on shorter works for a period. It also marks a return to netlabel releases. What pleases me most, however, is that this is the first time I’ve used free libre opensource software at every stage, from start to finish. As such, I’m promoting this album on Diaspora and GNU social in addition to the usual social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) Special thanks to Thomas Park of Mystified for use of his painting on the cover art.

Free download here —

Bandcamp updates

I uploaded some additional past releases to Bandcamp last night. The Steve Reich-inspired longform piece, Chronic Pentatonic (2014, Eg0cide), has been added alongside the Luciftias half of the Lucekkt split (2009, Flugelrad) with Thee|22|SekkT. All three releases in the Dronosphere series can now be downloaded directly from Bandcamp instead of pointing to other sites. I will always support netlabels, but I also wanted to make it easier for listeners using the Bandcamp app to centralize their music collections if that is their preference. Check out Luciftias on Bandcamp for these and other ambient/drone releases.