Pulling back the curtain…

Anyone viewing this blog will immediately see that my posts have been almost entirely focused on the promotion of new releases. This probably stems from my late 90s and early 2000s web sensibilities (i.e. fairly static sites with the traditional “news” and “discography” buttons) which are boring by today’s standards. Though I like the idea of social media as a means to reach current and potential listeners, I myself am not much of a social person. My posts on Facebook and Twitter are only slightly more frequent than my posts here.

People say that rock bands should have an air of mystique, that you shouldn’t reveal the man behind the curtain. I used a pseudonym when I first began Luciftias even though it didn’t resemble rock music in any way shape or form. At the time, people in the underground black metal scene knew me as Lord Akhkharu. Luciftias was viewed as a side-project of Vukodlak, so it made sense that I would carry over what small amount of notoriety I had when “Suspension of Disbelief” was released. Things changed after I moved back to northwestern Pennsylvania in the spring of 2001. Vukodlak was effectively dead, and, although it took a couple years to refocus, Luciftias became my sole means of expression. I started crediting my musical and artistic contributions as “J. Beers” before ultimately settling on using my full name.

This doesn’t make me special, of course. I know that I am just one of millions of other people presenting themselves on the Internet. All the same, I want to begin pulling back the curtain a little more, to allow some insight on the sounds I choose to make, and to maybe show someone else that it’s okay to be yourself, that it’s okay to pursue a path of personal expression even if it will never make you rich. I’ve always created music that I wanted to hear. I thought, if someone else liked it, that was cool with me; if not, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Maybe you’re interested in reading a bit more, and maybe you’re not. Either way, I’m fine with that.