To be boldly go beyond…

2013’s Beyond the Aether is the #1 most downloaded Luciftias album on and is second only to All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy on

Beyond the Aether was the final Luciftias release of 2013 after a series of well-received albums including: The Great Abstinence, Rain, A Flash of Red, Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat, and Dronosphere III: Transcension. The single longform track built upon all of those works yet reduced them to the barest, most minimal abstract drone still capable of carrying the listener to an otherworldly dimension. To that end, I am especially proud of Beyond the Aether despite have a fondness for everything I’ve recorded under the Luciftias name.

The next stage in the evolution of Luciftias began an exploration of guitar-based, Frippertronics-influenced drone. The aforementioned All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy album was the first of several albums making use of this style. It’s interesting to note that two of my top albums were recorded more or less back-to-back during what now appears to be a pivotal transitional phase.


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